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The UK has world-class business infrastructure, with a legal system known for its clarity and ability to handle international transactions. English law is widely used as a basis for the tax and trust law of many countries and in international contracts. The UK also has a superlative range of financial and professional advisors who are familiar with different jurisdictions and international transactions. In addition, the UK also has a highly skilled workforce.

The UK is recognised as one of the easiest places in the world to conduct business. London is among the top financial capitals in the world and attracts investors and investments from all over the globe.

With extensive transport networks, an internationally recognised language, and as a member of the EU, the UK provides ready market access to Europe and beyond.

All these factors, combined with London’s excellence in financial and business services, makes the UK an ideal location for international activities.


For individuals, the UK distinguishes between Residence and Domicile. Tax Resident but Non Domiciled individuals can avail of favorable tax treatment.

Personal taxes in the UK comprise Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax (which includes an indirect form of Gift Tax). Corporation Tax, VAT and National Insurance Contributions make up the UK business taxes. There is also Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Land Tax.

See www.hmrc.gov.uk  for more information on UK taxes and the UK taxation system.

There are attractive reliefs and exemptions for individuals, businesses and companies. All these have certain conditions that need to be met, but most of these are not unduly onerous.

The UK is a highly attractive location for a Holding Company. It offers an attractive corporation tax rate combined with dividend and capital gains exemptions. It does not have an outbound dividend withholding tax. Under one of the largest treaty networks in the world covering over 100 countries, withholding taxes on interest and royalties are often reduced to zero.

There is a complete exemption from tax on dividends in almost all circumstances. There is no rule limiting tax deductions for allowable expenses and no holding or minimum underlying tax rate requirement.

It is possible to agree Advance Pricing Arrangements with the tax authorities, for Transfer Pricing.

Services offered

  • Company formations
  • Registered office
  • Provision of directors
  • Tax registrations
  • Administration and management of companies
  • Statutory filings
  • Project management of transactions
  • Business and corporate advisory
  • Coordination and management of services by other professionals
  • Acting as local tax agent
  • Acting as representative office of overseas businesses

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  • English
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi

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